7th Heaven marijuana scene with Inception music

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  • Photo study of Fincherian fetishs

" What did you ever do about it ? Oh yeah, I forgot. You went to the library ".

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David Fincher Reveals His 'Life in Pictures,' from Fighting Studios to Multiple Takes

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It’s about being human. It’s beautiful, it’s touching, it’s acting. It’s acting and reality at the same time.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNA KARINA! | September 22, 1940

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The Royal Tenenbaums [2001]

This is my adopted daughter, Margot Tenenbaum / I’m not in love with you any more / Of course it’s dark, it’s a suicide note / You used to be a genius / They just fell out of your pocket / Who? / She smokes / Why are you wearing pajamas? Do you live here? / I think we’re just gonna to have to be secretly in love with each other and leave it at that, Richie / The last six days have been the best six days of probably my whole life / Four minutes, forty-eight seconds. We’re all dead. Burned to a crisp. 

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"And you? How ‘bout it, filmgoer? Have you solved the case of the - the dead people in L.A.?" - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, 2005

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Only God forgives (2013), Nicolas Winding Refn

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From Drive to The Maltese Falcon: film noir continues to illuminate the world

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